Neftalie stylist at sage on seventeenth



Neftalie has fine-tuned her ability to anticipate upcoming fashion and beauty movements. However, whether she’s working her craft behind the chair she believes there is always room to grow. Her love of fashion extends back to her childhood, thrift shopping at her grandma’s side, sorting through nuanced colors and textures to create the perfect look. After graduating high school, she began training at Vidal Sassoon, setting up her foundation for precision haircuts. Drawing on her innate desire to grow, she knew precision cuts were just the beginning; she had her eyes on the razor. Eager to learn, she spent her evenings and weekends in salons that would provide her with additional training on razor cuts. This fearless dedication to her craft led her to hair color. She draws on her balayage and foliage skills whenever she is met with her color speciality: timeless blondes and brunettes.

Neftalie continues to seek education as a way of not only keeping up with the latest trends, but also as a way of staying inspired in her craft. However, she also finds inspiration outside of work. Both traveling and food are a huge inspiration.

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